Thursday, April 03, 2008

Free Concert and Beer

I never win anything. really, you can ask my mom!

However that has changed recently. I won tickets to see this Band in Calgary, and it included 4 buckets of beer!!
I had made arrangements for us to stay over, even had a sitter in the city for ML. I had asked for Friday morning off so we could take our time coming back home in time for preschool, where it is my turn to be the "special guest".

Am I going? Nope. ML woke up early this morning with the flu... the puke filled kind. This is when being a single parent is hard. If I had a partner, they would be staying home with the sick kid while I went out (feeling guilty the whole time, really!) and enjoyed some live tunes and to drink my share of the beer... but instead, I am staying home. This kind of sick is not the kind I can feel good about leaving with the grandparents.

The worst part of this, is I know where this "bug" came from... I had friends over, and one brought her sick daughter, who was kind enough to puke in my bathroom before they went home.

Hello Karma? Meet payback!

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