Friday, April 04, 2008

Special Guest

I was the "special guest" and preschool this morning. ML has begged and begged for me to be the guest, so I finally relented, took the morning off work and arrived at preschool with the obligatory snack and juice. ML was so excited!! Today's theme was wolves! We made finger puppets, howlers ( paper rolls that we could howl into! hee) and went for a walk looking for good spots to build a den. Topped off, of course, with a game of 'what time is it Mr. Wolf?!'

It melted my heart that me, joining ML at preschool, would bring her so much joy. She asks that I do it again, I might surprise her with another appearance near the end of the preschool year. Oh it is days like this that I wish I was a stay at home mom. I would love to be able to spend more time volunteering with her school. But then again, I might not appreciate it as much, right?

In talking to the teacher, she told me that only a handful of the moms volunteer, and no dad's yet this year. Quite a few are not even interested in what the program entails and how their kids are doing. Makes me sad.

She also said they are having trouble filling the spots. You see, this program teaches kids about nature, ecology and their natural world around them. There are no ABC's taught here. Many parents are competitive and think that this program is flawed, as their kid will be behind when they reach kindergarten. So sad. Getting kids interested in science and their world around them is so important. As important as learning their ABC's.


Tasha said...

Is this like show and tell?

this is how it would work at my kid's school:

'wemember i tod you my mommy was funny wooking and smelling? i bought her for show and tell today.'

Tanya said...

I wish it was that easy!
Basically they call you the "guest" and then put you to work, helping with the crafts, washing hand and faces, wiping noses... the good stuff