Monday, April 14, 2008


How do you deal with an EX who refuses to be civil? Rational? Polite?

My family says that I shouldn't let ML's father get to me, and OH I TRY!! But his behavior is SOOOO OBNOXIOUS!!

When he arrives to pick up ML for her weekend visit with him, he doesn't even say hello. ML had a medical issue this past week that I needed to discuss with him and he doesn't respond. Doesn't ask if she is OK. Doesn't ask what has to happen next. I ask him did you hear me? Do you understand? And he says yes _____(insert swear word)_____! I then ask him to not swear at me in front of ML, and he laughs.

They leave, and I realize that ML has forgotten to take her medicine. She has epilepsy, and it is imperative that she has it. SO I call him to let him know, and to tell him if he wants to turn around (they are maybe 2 minutes away) I have it all measured out etc... he just hangs up. No response at all so I have no idea if they are coming back. Of course he could pull over and give her the medicine in the car... He does come back but again he utters no words.

When ML comes home on Sunday she tells me that she us hungry as she hasn't had supper. I think, odd, as the agreement is that since she is dropped off at 7pm she is to eat before hand. So I call to see if this is true. It is. I ask him to please make sure she eats as it is too close to bed time, I have nothing prepared etc...

He then goes into a tirade about how she will need braces because I allow her to suck her fingers still. He claims that she doesn't at his house. Anyone who has had a child who sucks their thumb or fingers should know that making this demand doesn't work. My sisters (sorry guys!!) both sucked their fingers well into elementary school and no amounts of threats or rewards offered made them stop until they were ready. Out of the three of us, the one that sucked her thumb for the longest is the only one of us who didn't need braces.

Of course want her to stop. I have offered a rewards, tried to talk about it, tell her I don't want other kids to tease her at school... Still hasn't made her stop. I try to explain to THE EX that I never sucked my thumb, fingers, had no soother past 9 months of age, and my teeth were so crooked that I started orthodontics at age 8. So there is a pretty good chance ML will follow suit. I hope not, but am prepared.

He then, of course, curses at me. I ask him not to.

Just to clarify, I love to swear. However I don't swear at people. I think it shows no respect. But when you stub your toe... "dang it" just doesn't cut it for me! "

"Listen we have to deal with each other for next 15 years, so can't we just be civil and stop the swearing" is what I ask of THE EX, and he says that he will not be told what to do by anyone and that he hasn't dealt with me for the last 3 months and it has been wonderful.

You want to know how old he is don't you. Sounds like a spoilt teenager right?

All I have to say at the moment is F&&(*))(&&^%$#%*&^(*&()*&) AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!

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