Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mutiny at Chez Single Mom

I want to write about the tolerance post, and will get to it, however, there seems to be a mutiny occurring at my house!!

It concerns a 4 year old, lets call her ML, and she is refusing to get dressed in the morning. In fact it is getting to be so bad that I have been late for work twice this week... and yes it is Tuesday!!

Now I have heard most of the "tricks" with kids and their choice of clothes. We have tried picking the outfit out the night before, letting ML pick from a pile of approved (read appropriate for the weather) clothes, talking about what we will be wearing all before hand etc. etc. Well lately NOTHING is working!

Now I know this is common for the age, I have friends with kids who refuse to wear anything but jeans, or certian super heroes t-shirts, but ML is not so specific. In fact what is acceptable to her seems to change on a daily basis. Yesterday there was a meltdown because there was no LONG SLEEVED shirt that she could wear ( it was +16 here yesterday) and she said she would be too hot with a sweater on. So last night, I put a load of laundry in, that included a few LONG SLEEVED shirts, and this morning... meltdown as there was no T-SHIRT she could wear!!!

Does anyone else know of any other 'tricks' that either they heard worked or has worked for them????


graceling said...

My daughter is 5, so I have had a "few" clothes/hair do-dads/shoes/coats/gloves meltdowns.

Every kid is different, so I don't know if this will work for you, but here is what works for Abigail.

First, we have a "chore chart." Morning chores are get dressed, brush teeth/wash face, make bed, feed cat. Evening chores are put on PJs, brush teeth/wash face, and clean up room. Abigail loves the chore chart- for everything that she does in her alotted time, she gets a star sticker, and if it's not done, she gets a sad face written into the box. If she goes a whole week of stars, we send it to her grammy and grumpa, and they send her a "treat" in the mail. We fill in the stars every morning and ever evening so that she has that "immediate gratification."

I also set a kitchen timer to let her know how long she has to do each task. In the morning, she gets 5 minutes to make her bed, 5 minutes to get dressed, 5 to wash her face and brush her teeth, etc. This helped when she was going thru a really picky clothes time because it ment that she had to do it "or else." Or else what? Or else she would get a sad face AND Momma would just get her dressed- and usually pick the exact thing she DIDN'T want to wear:)

That happened all of once before she got the idea.

I also try to look at the weather for the week and then I fill her bottom drawer with weather-appropriate clothes. She then can pick out what ever outfit she wants from the drawer when she gets dressed in the mornings. During the winter I pack away t-shirts so that she doesn't get the idea that she can wear them, etc.

Well, this turned out to be a ver long comment. Hope it helps!

Tanya said...

Thanks!! Those are awesome Ideas. My daughter is all about getting Mail and stickers!