Friday, March 28, 2008

Single Mom Therapy

No, not the kind you pay for by the hour.

Since I have gone through my court ordeal, I have had 2 close friends go through the court system with their ex's. One of the most cathartic things to do when you are going through that special kind of hell is have a ‘single mom therapy’ night. It is a way that you and your single mom friends get together and bitch and talk and strategize about life as a single mom.

Now this doesn't exclude to all the single moms by choice that are out there, they should certainly tag along. There will be tales of dating woes, babysitting concerns, when to call your lawyer talks, the ‘smarten up’ and maybe even a reality check. You will get all this and so much more really great single mom friends. They are there to help you from making the same mistakes they made, and to offer your own 'worldly' advice.

We have one of these nights about every couple of months, usually at my house. And oh is it therapeutic!! It also usually is a bit of a wine festival, but that is completely optional (hee!!) Oh and the laughs, can’t forget about that part, there is usually a lot of laughs, a few tears, but always more laughs.It makes you see that you are not alone. Talking to other moms that have the same issues as you makes your troubles seem manageable, even just for the night.

You may even find out that you are stronger than you thought. My friend told me that it was something that I said to her, at one of these evenings, that she is forever grateful for. She knew that she was going to be OK. It is good therapy for all involved. To help out a friend or two and to see just how far you have come.

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