Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Why I Dissappeared From the Blogosphere..

What did happen to me from the time of my last post in 2007 (October) until I reappeared in 2008 (February) ?

The reason was that I was in a wicked (understatement) court battle with ML's father. It concerned parental time, access, guardianship and child support. I not only had nothing positive to say, I was afraid that what I wrote on my blog could come back to haunt me. I do blog anonymously, however, I assume if anyone really wanted to find out who I am in real life (IRL), they certainly could. The last thing I wanted was something that I wrote here to be admissible in court.

I may have been over cautious or paranoid, but up until my last court date, I was just not willing to take the risk.

Now that it is mostly over, I again feel free to write my real feelings, although they are still veiled in anonymity.

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haze said...

I'm sorry to hear you've been through such a trying time. It's good to have you back though.