Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Drama at Chez Single Mom...

It must seem that I have nothing but drama in my life. It isn't true, just in the past year I have had more than my share.

What is the drama this time? I was at the local RCMP detachment today filing a harassment complaint on an ex-boyfriend. I wasn't going to write about this, and haven't written about it on either of my blogs before. I know I have done nothing wrong. But I feel as though telling people this, they will think "why would you date a guy like this in the first place?" I almost feel embarrassed about telling people this. I also feel bad, guilty, worried about how this will make him feel. Why is that? I know that these feelings are not rational.

I have checked off the YES box to have Victim services contact me.

I had to visit 3 different places this morning for someone to finally take my statement, and the whole time I am trekking back and forth, I am thinking, this is why this stuff doesn't get reported. They don't make it easy. It took over 90 minutes to finally get to the right place.

This ex boyfriend of mine has been an ex for about a year. Somedays he calls incessantly, send cards and gifts. He tells me he loves me all the time. He would show up at my house with gifts for ML. The last straw was regarding a birthday present. He sent me a cheque for $222.00. He said was a lucky number and that I should either get my hair done or spoil ML. I didn't cash it, it had been sitting on my desk, waiting for me to get around to mailing it back.

Yesterday I picked up the mail, it had another card in it, and I thought, this is enough. It is annoying and I want it to stop. I send a very civil email, telling him I was sending the money back, I wish him the best, that we will never be together, to please move on etc.

It was his responses to my email that prompted me to go to the police. His first was a 3 page diatribe about nothing relevant to my email, making him sound very crazy, It spanned the topics of illegal drug use, Canadian and US politics and racism in Zimbabwe. The second email he sent was in regards to the cheque for $222.00 He said that he will be sending more money and it would entitle him to two visits with ML this month.

That scared me.

So now I wait. I was told in these cases usually all that is required is a call or a visit from the RCMP and this will make them leave you alone. I hope they are right.

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haze said...

OMG, what a freak!!

You did the right thing by reporting him. I wish it had been a bit easier for you to do. I hope the RCMP now pays him a visit and he chooses to cease and desist.