Thursday, May 29, 2008

That State of being Single

With the Sex and the City movie opening this weekend, and ML's father being the world's biggest jerk, among other random things, I have been thinking a lot about being single.

With the sex and the city link, I just wish I could meet as many fabulous men that the ladies seem to meet. Granted very few stay around, but really, there must be some of these men in Alberta? Right?
ML's Father being a jerk? Well I know that is news to the 3 of you who read this blog, but last weekend, I think he trumped himself. Truly. He screamed obscenities at me, with ML not a foot away from him. Why? Oh because I asked him not to swear at me and then had the Gaul to ask how he wanted to communicate about school. What does this have to do with being Single? It has to do with me being SO THANKFUL that he is not in my life EVERYDAY. And Knowing that being a single 35 year old woman is much better than being attached to the likes of him.

The other random things? One of them is I searched a on-line dating site and was appalled at the things men write. Like they are looking for "movie making partners" and the "sexually liberated with no strings"... in the relationship section!!! Which takes me back to the Question about there has to be some good men in Alberta right? OK then just lie to me OK?

The last thing is that little Urban Myth that says the more education a women has the less likely she is to be married and the less sex she has (I can't find a reference to it, But I KNOW I have read it before). Well guess who is starting to work on her master's degree again... Yup, that is right. Sister Tanya. Soon I guess I will be living like a nun.... but wait I guess I could just aspire to be like Samantha and contact those men looking for the movie making partner right?

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