Thursday, May 15, 2008

First trip to the Dentist

This week ML had her first trip to the Dentist. It went very well, they made sure she wasn't scared, had fun "counting" her teeth. No cavities. Yay!

He did say that she has a "tongue thrust" and that she could use some speech therapy to get her out of that habit. That is not something I have ever noticed, but am told they screen for speech issues in Kindergarten, so that will be done for me in the fall. Oh and he did say a little thing about Braces are pretty much a given in her future...

ML was very disappointed that she was not offered a new toothbrush... I didn't realize this until after we had left, was too busy listening to all the Dentist had to say and of course paying my share. Paying it seems will be something that is done a lot of in the future if this prediction of Braces is indeed true.

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