Thursday, May 08, 2008

Special Guest Yet Again

I again had the privilege of being the Special Guest at ML's preschool. This time it was for a field trip. The teacher planned a 4 km hike with the 3 & 4 year olds through a nature preserve. I figured she was crazy and I would end up carrying a few kids, but I figured I love to hike so I volunteered.

I just cannot say enough good things about this program. It gets kids so interested in their environment and nature. Many of the girls were very concerned that an ant would be stepped on, and a few tears where shed when in fact, this did happen. When a few of the kids would start shrieking because of the sight of a bug, others would remind them that they were food for the birds and then it would be all OK.

One of the funniest moments for me was when little boy came running up to be yelling " I just saw a Red Ant!!" like it was the most exciting thing he has ever seen, so I asked him if he likes red ants and he says "No! They bite 'member??"Like don't you know anything lady? ha ha

Walking along the paths, the teacher would point out a plant or shrub or moss and the kids would all yell its name. I think I even learned a few things!

The kids were a hoot (sorry pun intended I had too! And yes we even saw an owl and their nest!). When it was all done, driving home for lunch, ML was fast asleep in the car. Perfect. I will be taking her on this hike again!!

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