Friday, May 23, 2008

Kindergarten Orientation

Like I said here, I will be a blubbering mess when School starts in September

When they opened with the parents prayer, my eyes started to tear up! Listening to the speech therapist, principal and the kindergarten teachers made me so excited for ML for school to start!

When I saw the classroom with the little chairs and the room full of all their art work, made me start to cry...

I had a long chat with ML's teacher, told her about her Epilepsy, her Father. Especially the concerns I have around religion and her fathers thoughts about that. She thanks me for telling her, and said it gives her the summer to come up with great retorts if ML ever repeats what her Father tells her about God. I also mentioned my adoption plans and she was very excited for us, and will try to incorporate adoption and out country of choice into the curriculum. I told her I will keep her posted.

She showed us their printing books, artwork (she teaches them how to draw, and I think most are better than I am!) and the scrapbooks with all the pictures that she prepares, are priceless.

My little girl is going to school, and although I am so excited for her, it still makes me cry! She is not so little anymore!

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