Monday, May 05, 2008

Question at Church

On the weekendss that ML is with me, we take my mom to church. ML looks forward to going, as she loves attending the children's litergy, which invariably involves coloring a page about gospel reading of the day. This is something we have done (not faithfully mind you ) since ML was born. (It is every second weekend, as she doesn't attend with her father. He has now decided that he is an atheist. He tells ML such gems as "God is extinct like the Dinoaurs".)

In our church there is "The Great Crucifix". It is a beautiful piece of art, 6.5 m in height. If you are not familiar with Catholic symbolism, on a Catholic cross there is a depiction of Jesus nailed to the cross.

We usually sit on the side of the church, right next to the cross, as it is easy for ML to see me when she comes out of the Children's Litergy, if we sit elsewhere, she ends up wandeing the aisles of the church lost, looking for me.

So this all being let up to the question ML asked yesterday at church. She pointed to the cross and very loudly asked

"Mom who is that there?"

I think we have some work to do!

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