Monday, July 16, 2007

My New Addiction


I love it!! When I first signed on, I thought oh yeah, great a new way to compete to see how many "friends" we all have!! I wasn't convinced that this was going to be for me, and my friend encouraged me to sign up, as she said it cant hurt, maybe Mr Right knows a friend of a friend... (nice motivation hey?? see previous post!! ha ha)

So I joined, had a very small group of friends for quite a while. The funny thing was, that all these people I spoke to on a regular basis anyway so I was thinking, this is pointless!!
But then, my old work found me, had a whole group of ex-workers, even had reunions planned. Talk about strolling down memory lane, as this is where I met ML's father...

Then a dear friend from University found me. We met in 1993, and I last saw her in 2000. We when last saw each other, it was in a grocery store, short and sweet, promising we would catch up soon...Then I moved across the country and she got married, changed her name, and lost touch. I had looked for her but couldn't find her. I didn't know her married name. Well since we have found each other, we have been chatting non stop, and it was like we never lost touch. She now is divorced with a child, and we completely relate to one another, and laugh at all the stuff we got into 'back in the day'.

So many old friends have found me and vice versa, and whenever I start to feel lonely, this little phenomenon of our technological age helps. I know how it may seem to some, that you would need the computer to know you have friends. I was one of the skeptics! I can be very lonely being a single parent. When you put the kid to bed and the house is quiet, you can log into facebook, makes you realize you aren't alone, that there are friends out there. So if you have been skeptical about this facebook phenomenon, I recommend you try it, look up your old friends, it has been nothing but awesome for me, if not a little addictive!!

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