Thursday, November 16, 2006

So I feel I should explain...

Wow haven't posted for over 3 weeks and now I can't stop!!
Well I have had a lot of posts in my head... But never felt compelled to write them. Until now it seems...

Anyways, I feel like I should explain why I am drawn to infertility blogs when it appears that I am not in fact infertile at the moment. It all started when I went looking on g00gle for something to help me deal with the baby lust I have. You see I desperately want another child. A few even. And while there doesn't appear to me a medical reason to stop me, I am single and I don't want to have another baby by myself. So in my wonderings I found alittlepregnant. I read it from the beginning and cried and cried. That lead to the list and more crying.

A lot of the feeling shared by these bloggers I feel myself. I desperately want another baby. I am afraid that my daughter will be an only. And of course that is ok, she is more than enough, but I want her to have siblings, and I want more kids. Very few people I speak to about this in REAL LIFE get this. They all say, oh one is enough, you have ML... But every month my period comes and I think well no baby next August etc. I am not even in a relationship, and that makes me very sad as well. Crying festivals have been known to occur because of this.

Then there is the wonderful world of adoption. After reading adoption blogs, I feel so drawn to adoption , and know that I will add to my family through adoption, regardless of whether I have another biological child. I will admit I used to think that it was second best, but no more. I would start the adoption process right now this very second if I had the means to. And I know it is how my family will grow in the future

So now I am very "educated". I now feel like I can "talk" to K about her IVF twins without coming across as an asshole. I can also tell an acquaintance that it is not appropriate to ask if they are "natural". I feel like I knew how to listen to my dear friend S who has lost 3 babies and how not to say some assholish* thing... And I knew that my friend M who just went through a miscarriage most likely just needed to hear "I'm sorry, I'm here if/when you need me".

So there is my explanation. I am not sure if they ever expected this kind of audience, but if any of them ever read this, they will know that have helped me deal with a few of my feelings, and to know that even though the circumstances may be different, we feel very similar things, and thanks.

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