Friday, March 30, 2007

Who is a bad blogger?? ME?? huh?

Wow, I pull together 3 posts then I dissappear for 3 months.

Somethings have happened in my life, that I should update on here.

I met someone, lets call him P~. Things, I thought, were going along great, then he pops the question, in a not very romantic way, and I said no, I need more time. It has been a relationship of 3 months. And after mulling that around figure that it is not just that it has been a short time, that we are not meant to be... planning on ending it this weekend. I should have a good post about that. I am very sad about ending it, as he is a fabulous guy, and he is just what I want/need on "paper" but he is not the one. I like him, I care about him, but I know that I do not love him. He is not the one. I will miss him, but it is not fair to keep him around because I am lonely.

What else... oh yeah ML's dad has taken me to court to re-work our parenting agreement, and it is not going well. Lots of tears on all parts. ML is going to his house very other weeknd, and she does not like it. I am hoping that we all get used to this arrangement soon, and life can continue. The good thing I guess is that I am finally receiving some child support... looking for the silver lining here.

I still have adoption in my heart. It feels like it could be a reality now, not just a pipe dream. I need to get my finances in order and start. I know this is a hard road, I know that family may not be supportive oh my decision as I am a single mom with limited fiances. But I know that I do well enough to have another child or 2 (or more....) in my house.

I also really would like to have another bio kid. I have discussed this previously, and that has not gone away... just need to find mr right.

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