Thursday, November 16, 2006

I've been inspired by Tertia... Twice this week! Here is the result of the first.

So I read infertility blogs. I have never experienced any issues with fertility, see daughter ML as my first piece of evidence... She was conceived when I was sloppily taking the pill... ( I am ducking from all the shoes that would be thrown my way if in fact anyone else read this... But I digress).

Anyways Tertia's blog is a favorite of mine, and 2 posts this week just got to me so much that I had to write about them myself.

The first post that got me going was about whether you should discipline other people's children.

Ok my friends think that I am a hard ass mom, and that's ok, I probably am. The thing is I have little tolerance for badly behaved children. Don't get me wrong, I am not like a strict no fun in our house mom, I just have some rules and they need to be followed. That means any children in my house whether they belong to me or not, have to follow these rules.

I do have a dear friend of mine that has a son a month older than ML, and we used to hang out all the time, so much people thought that we were a Lesbian couple raising twins... (hint to the second post that inspired me) anyways, her son was never made to behave... And he was not pleasant to be around. When he was in my house, it would fall to me to be the heavy and the disciplinarian. I did it at first, but it really affected out friendship. But not in the way you would imagine. She left it to me to deal with her son. And I got tired of it. So we don't hang out with the kids as much anymore. We go for lunch on work days or go out just with adults.

Now maybe I could have left him to be disciplined by his mother, but I believe the same result would have occurred. We would still mostly see each other in non kid times and places. I would like for this to change in the future, but don't see it happening unless her son's behavior changes.

I have asked other moms about this. What do you do when one of your mom friends has a child that is not fun to be around? Do you stop being friends with that mom? Only do grown up things together? Wait it out and hope that it is a phase?

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