Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Did you miss me? Anyone even realize I was gone? sniff sniff!! Ok I promise no pity party today.

No I didn't drop off the face of the earth, ML and I took a great relaxing vacation to the West Coast. It was so needed. We needed some mom and daughter time away from all the distractions that have been around lately.

So we went to Victoria for a few days, then rented a car and drove up to Parksville. It was the perfect location for a family vacation. It was lonely though. This is the first vacation I have taken with ML that is over 4 days, and it got to be a bit lonely, so I think next time I will invite another adult or 2 along. It was after she went to bed in the evening, that I was really craving the adult time. And I didn't bring a laptop so no computer either, so it was just me, with a bevy and the TV or a book.

I took some really cute pictures, and I might even share!!

I have a few more posts brewing in my head, and I will post those when I clear my desk of all the work that was left for me when I was away.

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