Monday, July 21, 2008

Fifth Anniversary

Five years ago today I became a mom.

It has truly been the best and hardest five years of my life.

The past week I was without ML as she was with her father for the first of her 2 weeks with him for summer visits.

So on the week approaching my 5 year anniversary of being a mom, I spent it alone. Friends telling me I should enjoy it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, but it certainly wasn't something I enjoyed, and my house was way too quiet. I missed my Daughter. It didn't help that I didn't work for part of the week. The week alone, I got to experience my life as "child free". I prefer the child in my life. Even though it is infinitely harder and more work, it is just plain more fun!

I picked ML up Sunday night, and I asked about her visit. She told me many interesting tidbits. .

One of these tidbits was that when her father missed a weekend visit in June, as well as Fathers day, he was more than the "out of town" that he told me. He was in the UK with his sister. They decided to stay a bit longer so that is why he missed picking her up on Father's day. Funny that he claims poverty to the courts and he is $5000 in arrears in his child support payments....

The second tidbit, and this bothers me on so many levels, is that this past week was the first time he has ever had ML for an extended time... but he didn't take one day off work. He also sent her to someones house for a sleep over one night...

It makes me sad.


Anonymous said...

A very happy and well deserved 5th Anniversary to you!!!!!!!!

haze said...

Happy 5 years - and Happy Birthday ML

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you both!

You are right as much as I can't wait to get some time to myself, I am so much better when the girls are here.

I feel your pain on the father issue. Mine promised to see the girls last Sunday, but cancelled last minute on the phone when we were driving there, he was "sick".

Ie, "drank too much vodka on Friday night and still hungover".

Nice one!