Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life got in the way

I said I would be back in October, and look it is already the end of February!! My only explanation is that life got in the way. Lame I know. I have had so many things I wanted to blog about, and I didn't. So I am back and I going to write here more regularly. I really missed expressing myself, and even if no one else reads... its all good. Besides, I still have a tonne of things I want to write about!!

Here is the Cole's notes version of what has happened in my life these last 4 months...

1) I have a nephew And a niece, so I am finally an Auntie!!
2) My grandmother passed away
3) ML has a half sister courtesy of her father (not THAT much happened in the last four months!! ha ha)
4) I went to court another 3 times and that is almost completed, and it worked out pretty well in my favour... ML now goes for full weekends to her father's, and he has to pay all his child support arrears and some of my lawyers fees! (Hee!!)

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